Sunday, December 27, 2009

Twitter, tweet, maybe I have cold feet...

On a slight detour from my normal food content, I've decided to embark (albeit a bit late!) on a challenge posted by a Gwen at Gwenbell, called The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.  Unlike my Lebanese Wontons, I'm not entering this challenge to win anything, but instead to challenge myself with thinking about interesting questions and my experiences throughout this year.  Please feel free to join in by either participating through her website or by commenting below.

December 27 Social web moment. Did you meet someone you used to only know from her blog?  Did you discover Twitter?

Yes, I did discover Twitter.  But it pretty much ended there.  I tried; in fact I posted 1 tweet.  I guess I have a hard time understanding why people need to (or want to!) know what other folks are doing every minute of the day.  I'm sure there are Twitter fans out there that will let me know I don't understand the concept, and I will fully admit that I don't, but I'm just not sure I'm ready to commit to it just yet.  I post entries on my blog which people can follow via email or RSS feed, I post updates on Facebook, so do I need to tweet about it too?  Or should I tweet when I take a shower?  Which could be somewhat interesting since with a work-at-home job, my showers are embarrassingly late in the day.  As for following tweets, I choose not to.  I love my RSS feeds from my favorite blogs, but that's about where it ends.  So, do you tweet?


  1. Like you, I tried it but soon abandoned tweeting for myself. I felt like I personally didn't really have anything that interesting to say...BUT...I do still keep my account open and I follow some people that are in my professional (legal/software) and hobby (quilting/cooking/photography) worlds. I can keep current - quickly - with news and opportunities in those venues (and get pointed to some great URLs that I may not have found otherwise). Newswise, I think it's great (and also somewhat dangerous) because of the real-time content. I was transfixed last summer with all the tweets coming out of Iran during the elections. It's impacting marketing in big ways with everyone still trying to figure out scalability and how it can benefit their brand. It's all a brave new world and although I may not play with all the toys, I still want to know how to at least turn them on! :)

  2. I completely support the notion that I need to keep up with all the new "toys", so I probably should dive deeper into the twitter world. Is there a way for the tweets of the people I follow to go just to my email rather than via text message? If so, that would be best for me (I don't have unlimited texting) and I just may start following people. Thanks for your input - you made me think about it more!