Monday, February 28, 2011

The Monday Morsel - Live from New York

No weigh in this week.  A girl deserves a break every now and then, right?  I'm in New York, my food mecca, and happy there is no scale to be found.  This isn't entirely true since there is a scale in the gym, but it's not mine, so I'm not getting on it.  If it weighed me more, then I'll just be bummed, and if it weighed me less, then I may take that as a license to eat more!  Either way, I can't see it being a good idea. 

Here are some reason's why:

Tequila Snowcones (Strawberry, Tamarind, and Hibiscus) at Zengo
Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp "Panzanella" and Steak Flatbread with portabella mushrooms, caramelized onion, red cabbage, and gorgonzola at Cask
Truffle Mac n' Cheese at Cask

This week's Eat.Live.Be topic is about portion control.  I didn't think I really used the idea of portion control, but in some round about way, I do.  I don't measure each meal I eat, but rather focus on portion control for the entire day.  As you may remember, my weight loss technique that works for me is to limit what I eat during the day, so that I can fully enjoy the evening meal.  If you would like something more concrete, here's a fun quiz from Women's Health Magazine on portion control! 

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