Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dressed up Brownie Bites!

I was in a pinch and needed a quick treat to take to Ryan's school for his birthday celebration.  For the kids whose birthdays are in the summer, they set aside a special day to celebrate them during school.  I thought about bringing cookies or cupcakes, but then I would have to buy 2 containers to ensure one for each child (pricey!). My eyes wandered to the brownie bites, most likely since I personally love them, but it was also the perfect amount in one package.  The only problem is that they looked a bit boring, for kids at least.

I thought about what I had at home - sprinkles.  What child doesn't love sprinkles?  I made my way over to the baking goods aisle and picked up an "easy cheese" bottle of priced-to-sell yellow frosting.  Ryan probably would have preferred red frosting, but for some reason the yellow was reduced to move stock.  Don't worry, I checked for an expiration date, but couldn't find one - that must mean it's still safe.

I was also tempted to look in the snack aisle for a true bottle of sharp cheddar easy cheese.  I may be a foodie, but there are some strange processed foods that I enjoy!  The great thing about these containers of frosting is that they come with 4 tips to create some fun shapes and patterns.  If I was talented, I may have used more than one tip, but alas, that didn't happen.  Ryan helped me squirt the frosting, shake the sprinkles, and then handed them out proudly to his friends at school today.  It was a success and an easy one at that!


  1. Looks cool specially for kids. My students will love this! Happy Weekend!

  2. Thanks, Lani! Ryan's class did enjoy them. Hope you have a great weekend too.

  3. What a clever rendition of Brownies. Jen, the idea a minute girl. Cute that Ryan could help.


  4. These are easy to make from scratch using a mini muffin pan. My favorite brownie recipe is in the Bishop's cookbook -- the Killer Brownies are great and super easy.

  5. I'm not sure I have the Bishop's cookbook! Can you send me the recipe when you have a chance? Thanks!