Sunday, October 25, 2009

lamb ragu

Mint and lamb is an exquisite combination, a common one, and also one that never gets old.  Due to my recent visit to NYC, I was recalling a time I ate at Babbo and had Mario's beautiful Mint Love Letters - spicy lamb sausage and mint, gently folded into little pasta envelopes, and served in a simple tomato sauce.  Delicious.  I was craving lamb (big surprise), so I searched for recipes that would satisfy my lamb/mint desire, without much fuss.  I discovered Giada's recipe for Lamb Ragu with Mint.  It seemed perfect - ground lamb, shallots, garlic, mint, simmering in a tomato sauce with some added ricotta for creaminess - and it was perfect. 

It begins with shallots and garlic releasing their essence in warmed olive oil, then adding the lamb until well browned.  My favorite part is next - adding a cup of red wine and simmering until reduced by half.  The smell was driving me crazy!  I added the tomato sauce, simmered again, and then stirred in the torn mint leaves and ricotta until it was smoothed into a beautiful ragu. 

I didn't have any rigatoni or tube shaped pasta, so I used mini wheels, which my son loved just for the simple shape of them.  Isn't it great how kids can get so much joy out of food in interesting shapes?  I have to admit, they were fun.  This pasta dish was spot on with the flavors I was craving.  It was simple, comforting, and best of all, I enjoyed it with my son as we talked about our day.  A perfect end to a weekend. 

Lamb Ragu with Mint, Giada De Laurentiis


  1. That sounds divine! Must try that out sometime.

  2. Jen, we made the lamb ragu this weekend and we are still enjoying. Of course, Philippe had to add his own twist, but YUM and this meal might stay in our rotating family meals.

  3. Gaby, I'm so glad you tried it! Isn't it wonderful? I'm sure Philippe added some great twists too!