Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farfalle with Salmon & Mint

I've been cooking with leeks more and more lately.  They have a light taste, are less pungent than an onion, and sometimes give off a hint of cucumber.  I've always heard they are a pain to clean, but it is quite simple if you prep them first (in this recipe, they are sliced), then agitate in a bowl of water to release the sand.  One final rinse and they're ready for use.

Farfalle with Salmon & Mint - salmon, leeks, sour cream, mint, and pasta.  Mint and salmon...with sour cream?  This recipe definitely sounded different, which means I had to try it!  One great aspect of this dish is that everything (minus the pasta) is cooked in the same pot.  Easy clean up!
First the leeks are sauteed in butter, salt & pepper, and a portion of the chicken broth.  Once they simmer for a minute, you lay the salmon on top the leeks and cover the pot, to allow the salmon to steam and the leeks to become tender.  After removing the salmon, the rest of the broth and lemon zest is added to the leeks.  The salmon is broken up into pieces.  Lastly, everything is tossed together; the pasta, salmon, leek mixture, sour cream, and mint.  The result is a healthy and comforting salmon pasta dish, with freshness of the mint, brightness of the lemon zest, and a touch of creaminess from the sour cream. 

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