Monday, January 24, 2011

The Monday Morsel - Garlic

Weekly Monday Report:

Pounds Lost = 0 (ouch)
Total pounds lost = 3
# of Diet Cokes Consumed =  8
# of Times Exercised = 3

Number-wise, not too impressive, I guess.  Funny thing is, I actually feel in better shape this week, but the pounds lost sure don't show it.  I'm sure yesterday morning's breakfast of Sam The Cooking Guy's Pizza Eggs  topped with Bufalo Chipotle hot sauce didn't help either. 
I did a few exercise videos (streamed from Netflix - love that capability!) that worked some muscle groups I forgot I had.  "Crunch: Super SlimDown", "Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party", and "Crunch: Candlelight Yoga".  Mind you, I had never done yoga or Pilates before (I know, I'm probably the only 38 year old woman in La Jolla who's never done either) and from this, I've concluded the following:
  1. Yoga and Pilates seem like good ol' stretching exercises - totally beneficial, but can't they just call it stretching?
  2. I love to dance (well, I knew this before) and the Fat Burning Dance Party video was my favorite.
  3. I need to do more, most likely live and in-person, yoga and Pilates classes to understand and appreciate the full experience. 
Back in college, my roommate and I used to turn down the lights, burn candles, and do our own stretches while listening to Yanni.  Did I really just admit that?   That's what yoga reminds me of, but I actually enjoyed those late night college sessions more than the Candlelight Yoga video.  Next up to try...power yoga or weight loss Pilates. 
The topic this week for Eat. Live. Be. is "What is your biggest challenge?"  Oh, where to start...I have a few, but I really put some thought into this and honed in on my biggest - Portion Control.  I eat healthy.  I eat a variety of foods.  I eat fruits and vegetables.  I don't routinely eat processed or fried foods.  I'm not addicted to sweets.  I cook most meals.  If I could only get this last aspect, portion control, in check, I would be much better off and several pounds lighter.  So my dieting technique takes this into account.  Some may say this isn't the best way to go, but it works for me.  I eat a light breakfast and lunch and save most of my calories for the evening since that is when I want to enjoy my food, the company, and the whole dining experience.
Probably one of nature's most beneficial foods and I can't say enough about how much I love garlic.  Mark can tell from my breath and others by how much I cook with it!  Whenever a recipe calls for garlic cloves, I pretty much double the amount.  Most people already know the health benefits of this well-known member of the onion family, so instead, I want to share with you a few things you may not know about.

Scapes.  The immature flower stalks of the garlic plant.  Scapes are normally in season around the summer months and can be a bit hard to find.  I've never seen them at a grocery store, but they may just pop up in a farmer's market in June.  Last year was the first time I tried them and I am hooked!  Let alone their beautiful gracefulness as they curl into themselves, their flavor is amazing.  I simply tossed them in olive oil and laid them on the bbq.  Sprinkled with a little salt, they were divine.  The Vegan Appetite blog has some great recipes for incorporating garlic scapes into everyday foods. 

Gilroy Garlic Festival!  For all of those in California, you most likely have heard of, if not been to the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.  Gilroy, CA is fondly known as "The Garlic Capitol of the World".  Unfortunately, I've never been to the festival, but I'm going to make it a point to go this year.  Garlic ice cream...I'm so there. 

Lastly, I want to share with you a delicious find - Majestic Garlic Creamy Garlic Paste.  This spread is made of pure garlic, perfectly creamed with safflower oil, flax seed oil, lemon juice, and sea salt.  The result is an amazing, versatile, and healthy condiment.  They have many flavors, all of which I've tried at the La Jolla Open Aire Market, but I always get the original, plain flavor.  It is pure garlic perfection and I want to enjoy it as such.  Their website lists a few recipes to try as well as serving tips.  I enjoy it routinely as a dip for broccoli and cauliflower, and also spread on a piece of whole wheat toast.  Last night, however, I went with one of their suggestions and tried it on a baked potato (that was all I had for dinner due to my Pizza Eggs splurge earlier in the day).  In my pursuit to be healthier, I've tried several different baked potato toppings attempting to move away from my much loved butter and chives, only to be severely disappointed.  I can now say, that I've successfully found my replacement!  I'm so excited since I hardly ever eat baked potatoes anymore since I know I can't control myself from dousing it in butter, but now things can change.  A healthy change for the better.
Do you have any amazing garlic finds?  Please do share since I need to feed this healthy addiction!  Next week's topic is "What is your favorite healthy change".  Please join me and the other ELB bloggers on the journey to better health!

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  1. Ooooh! I love garlic scapes. I use them in carbonara, risotto, pesto ... so delish.

    Portion control is definitely important, and something I have some trouble with too ... but it gets easier the more you do it.

  2. I sooo remember those late night Yanni stretching sessions! I miss the good ol' days when we actually had free time like that!
    Your roomie, Steph

  3. I gotta say that I am with you in Garlic Love! I too adore everything garlic, especially when using fresh garlic whether cooked or raw. I go crazy for simply roasted garlic bulbs fresh from the oven, or even let to cool down and spread on something later. I even throw a few extra in the oven when roasting a chicken. I also love thinly sliced raw garlic in a salad or on toast(especially Rye) with a low calorie butter spread or sub like Earh Balance. I also agree with you when it comes to Majestic Garlic Paste Spread. In fact that is what lead me to your blog( which I am very happy about ) as I saw a mention of you on facebook. Man! That spread is sooo about portion control..I have to stop myself from eating at least half of that little container with crackers right away! I love the Basil, the Curry, and the Cayenne ones the best and also always buy a plain to go with them. Good Luck with your healthier eating plan! I am on a mission too. I will be trying right along with you. I'm just glad that there are calorie-easy options like garlic to help us flavor up our food.

    Debbie C.