Monday, January 31, 2011

The Monday Morsel - Tea Time

Weekly Monday Report:

Pounds Lost = 3

Total pounds lost = 6
# of Diet Cokes Consumed =  5 (pretty good, right?)

# of Times Exercised = 0 :(

5 diet cokes in 7 days is quite impressive for me.  How did I do it?!  Well, basically I ran out and just didn't bother to buy any more at the store.  Amazing how that works, isn't it?  It actually reminds me of when my son was potty trained.  Noticed I didn't say when "I" potty trained my son, but it was when the preschool did it for me.  In the morning, I dropped him off in diapers and when I picked him up, he was in underwear!  Yeah, it was some other kids underwear, but I tried not to focus on that in the moment.  They simply told him they ran out of diapers in his size so he would have to wear underwear.  He said okay and voila, Ryan was potty trained (minus a few accidents here and there).  We learn a lot from preschool and kindergarten - tools for the rest of our life!  I didn't realize that preschool teachings would work on me, but alas, they did.  At least so far.  I just wish I was three years old and not able to buy diet coke on my own : )  


I needed to replace the caffeine ladened diet coke with something.  My answer was tea.  I've never been a coffee drinker and I care not to start, so tea it would be.  I have enjoyed some tea in the past, but I'm rather partial to cold drinks.  When that hankering comes, I may have to try iced tea.  For now, I'm drinking what we have in the house, which is quite a wide variety of teas.  Why?  Because I've tried this tactic before.  I've read about the health benefits of tea, so of course I tried to be a regular consumer.  Whose to say it won't work this time?!  I don't believe I've ever made this much of a conscious effort to not buy diet coke, so hopefully I'll have several more tea drinking days ahead of me.  I'm really enjoying STASH Chai Green Tea right now.  It has such a clean taste and flavorful aroma.  
Of course I have mention a bit about foods made with green tea.  Green tea ice cream is fairly common, but I've never been much of a fan.  With my renewed appreciation for green tea, I will make a point to try some again.  But what about KitKat made with Green Tea?  Only in Japan, I'm afraid. 
This cake is just too beautiful not to share.  Some people might not like the idea of eating green cake, but the shade of green is so impressive and without any food coloring!  I've never purchased matcha (the green tea powder responsible for this), but I'm on a mission to find it.  Henry's or WholeFoods maybe?  I bet if Kermit tried this cake, he may find it easier bein' green. 

Let's just hope they don't start marketing this in the US or I might give in to temptation (yes, it's no calorie coke with green tea flavor).  I know there are a lot of tea connoisseurs out there, so please share with me your favorite teas!  I need to keep this new found healthy habit going. 

The topic this week for Eat. Live. Be. is "What is your favorite healthy change?".  It's a change I'm going to make right now.  I'm sure you all noticed my big fat zero for exercise this week.  It has to change.  I actually enjoy exercising, but just don't make the time for it.  Starting today, I'm scheduling exercise into my weekly calendar, just as I would any other meeting.  Working from home, I never take a true lunch break, so this will be my break - a one hour time slot for exercise.  Let's see if next week's exercise count goes up!  
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  1. I've been doing tea in the afternoon also. My diet coke consumption remains at 1 a day - but that's my winter stuff. In the summer, never drink it. The exercise sometimes eludes me (when it snows) but it's a fun process. Congrats on your accomplishments thus far!

  2. Right with you, sister- I just started drinking tea last week!

  3. That green kit kat is HYSTERICAL. I drink loads of tea - chai, green, black. It fills me up and makes me feel good. Go girl!

  4. I drink a lot of tea and have tried many different kinds and brands. If you like floraly flavors, the Tazo Tropic Black Tea makes for a delicious ice tea!

  5. I LOVE that story about Ryan and the potty-training! Fabulous. Congrats on your success, and thanks for the delicious looking green tea delights! I had no clue so much was out there...

  6. Thanks for all of the inspiration! I'm still on the tea kick, so all is good. Isn't that green kit kat weird? I guess I could understand if it was made with green tea, but did they have to also make the chocolate that strange green color?

    Jessica, I'm glad you enjoyed the story about Ryan - it was too funny when it happened. But that's still his personality today - a very "go with the flow" kind of guy.

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