Monday, January 17, 2011

The Monday Morsel - Massaged Kale Salad

Weekly Monday Report:

Pounds Lost = 3

# of Diet Cokes Consumed = 11

# of Times Exercised = 2 (1 Zumba, 1 walk)

Pounds lost is exciting; diet cokes and exercise, not so much.  I had previously commented that my brain and life can only handle 3 goals at this time, but maybe I need to adjust that to 1!  If I can flip the exercise and diet coke numbers, I would be in great shape, but that's probably a bit unrealistic.  Baby steps.  I was a bit bummed about the pounds lost this morning, since throughout the week, I had actually lost more than 3 pounds, but obviously one's weight fluctuates on a day to day basis.  Must keep motivation high, so I've decided to be proud of the 3 pounds I lost and move forward! 
Our topic this week for Eat. Live. Be. is "Baby, It's Cold Outside".  Well, not really in San Diego.  Yesterday, my husband and I enjoyed a beautifully warm walk to our local farmers market at a glorious 75 degrees.  Before you get upset, I'll just say that we don't have that every day in January and I'm sure sometime soon it will drop back down to the 60's.

Fighting off the winter blues is hard at times, even in San Diego.  I like to conquer the doldrums with a bright, refreshing salad, complete with fruit and citrus notes.  Aarti Sequeira from Aarti Party on the Food Network has an amazing kale salad recipe, Massaged Kale Salad.  I'm not a big fan of the show, but her recipes are unique and flavorful.
I've never liked kale.  My iguana (from years past) would eat kale, but after him, my kale purchasing ceased.  That is, until this salad.  It's called Massaged Kale Salad because after drizzling the kale with a bit of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and salt, you massage the kale with your hand until it wilts slightly.  There are only two other components to the salad - mangoes and pepitas (pumpkin seeds).  The minimal ingredients allow them all to be shining stars in this salad.  The simple dressing is a perfect complement of lemon juice, honey, freshly ground pepper, and oil.  If the fruit and citrus flavors bursting in your mouth doesn't remind you of warm weather, then just move to San Diego :)
Next week's topic is "What is your biggest challenge?" where I'll be sharing one of my biggest challenges and how to tackle it.  Please join me and the other ELB bloggers on the journey to better health!

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  1. Mmm. I love kale salad. And rubbing it with salt is fabulous for making it tender and delicious. I usually rub it with salt and then let it sit for 30 mins and then rinse it before dressing and finishing it.

  2. Hi Sarah! I'm a fan of kale now too. The other thing I like about this salad is that it's great for parties since it can sit for awhile and not get soggy. I like your tip - I'll have to try that. Thanks!

  3. Awesome job on the weight loss! The Diet Coke thing is hard and I'm right there with you. I don't drink coffee or tea, so Diet Coke is my only caffeine fix, and one I am fighting to give up - only had one in the past week - go me!

  4. I love Aarti's massaged kale salad! I just recently made it. And don't feel bad. I have a tough time with the diet coke too. If it's in the house I drink it and my mother in law gets mad when I don't have it. What a dilemma.

  5. Great job with the weight loss! 3 pounds is AWESOME. Try not to get too worked up about the day-to-day numbers or you'll drive yourself crazy. I speak from experience.

    This massaged kale salad looks delicious!

    And I'm a coke zero girl myself. WIth no plans on giving it up anytime soon. Hey, if I can't have ice cream and cake whenever I want it then I at least deserve Coke Zero.

  6. Seems like I'm not alone with my diet coke addiction! It's frustrating since it doesn't have calories, but still isn't good for you - ugh! I think I'm doing better this week, but we'll see how the weekend goes. Thanks for everyone's support and let me know if you try the salad!

  7. Hey Jenn.. LOVE the blog ;) Inspiration girl! So is the weight loss.. I'm in now 3 weeks and I'm 8.8 lbs down (lot more to go tho!) and my exercise numbers are similar.

    As for kale,have you tried Kale Chips? Its a great way to enjoy kale and get your crispy salty fix at the same time. Even the kids love it!

  8. Thanks, Esther! That is great progress on your weight loss! I haven't tried Kale Chips, but have definitely seen some recipes for them. I'll add them to my list to try - thanks!